The Story of SISU kott

The story of SISU kott started in November 2018 when six teenage girls from Estonia met for the first time in the opening meeting of Superheroes entrepreneurship programme. It became clear very quickly that all of them wanted to do something for the environment, especially to reduce plastic pollution. In the following two months, they prototyped the bag, designed the brand and had their first order before the end of the year. The value chain has stayed nearly identical to the first design we sketched in the beginning of the programme, including the social and environmental consciousness. We can say that keeping the environment and less privileged groups of society in mind are truly central to how we operate.  

That Superheroes' season finished in March 2019 and SISU kott was given the Golden Award. A few months later one of the co-founders of SISU kott - Kertu Birgit Anton - was chosen the finalist in "20 Under 20" competition for young entrepreneurs organised by TransferWise.

We are open for collaborations. For example we have made a special collection of custom printed SISU bags that are perfect for a unique fan merch item or a corporate gift. If you have an idea in mind, drop us a line ( and let's create something amazing!

In the future, SISU kott plans to widen its product range to include more ways to make your everyday life zero-waste. Stay tuned!

We believe that every person changes the world and everyone has to use that power to make a positive impact, even if it is just by very small steps.